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Dale with Mini Mate Camper

Introducing Open Road Outfitters

Motorcycling and camping have always gone together and I was lucky to be introduced to a group of motorcycle-riding campers early on in my riding career. We shared a lot of good times riding together and sitting around the campfire. After a while, the tenting part of camping got to be a pain and I started envying the guys who were towing pop up campers. They would roll into the campsite, pop open their campers in a couple of minutes, then set up chairs and watch the rest of us struggle to put up our tents. It didn’t take me long to get the idea that a small pop-up camper might just be the thing to restore some of the camping joy I had lost.

I bought a used camper off one of the guys in the group and while it was awkward to set up and a little heavy, it changed my camping experience for the better. I used it extensively when writing Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians, camping up and down the Alleghenies, Smokies, and along the Blue Ridge.

By 2006, I found myself in a spot where I was ready for a second career. It didn’t take me long to decide to do something related to motorcycling, and the idea of selling campers quickly followed. I’ve been doing that for a decade now (Yikes!) while writing other books about motorcycling touring.

Recently, Sandy and I decided we’d had our share of mid-Atlantic winters, so we moved to southwest Florida and brought our campers with us. We set up shop in a little warehouse space off of Alico Road where we have campers from Time Out and Kompact Kamp. We also handle cargo trailers from Escapade which are popular with Wing and Harley riders, as well as trailers designed especially to safely carry pets. We look forward to meeting more riders in the area and hope to see you at area events. If you’d like to stop by sometime, give us a call at 571-482-8080. Most of our business is Internet-based, so we keep irregular office hours.

 Dale at Gold Wing FL2-F Chapter Gathering

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